This is WinBlue News, possibly the best news and blog aggregator you’ll ever use!

Here you’ll find the latest news and blog headlines for Democrats, liberals, progressives, moderates and even independents.

Each source has a dedicated page that loads the feed headlines and a short excerpt. See something you like? Simply follow the headline link to the source and read the full story.

WinBlue News features two unique pages: A News Aggregator (the Home Page) and a Blog Aggregator. Each aggregator has 10 sources with a feed of up to 10 headlines. As many as 100 headlines to browse on each page! What a time saver!

The site is responsive to any size device.

Give it a week and see if it works for you. Leave feedback via our Contact form and if you like it, please spread the word!

Note: Some of our favorite liberal and progressive news feeds are not listed because they only allow a few articles to read and then require a subscription (Slate, The Nation, WaPo).

This site is for educational purposes to keep voters informed.